friends on film no.1

Some snapshots of girls on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Caught at the end of a week with mellow energy and a twinge of tired behind their eyes. Pink and soft and strong and full. Friends in the lowkey moments, comfortable in waiting.







35mm shot 2/18/2017.


from a place of love: Helga + Sage

On a quiet Saturday morning I called two friends to our ballet school to photograph. Curtains and a bedsheet created a white infinity. A few photos later, we were done within the hour. We went to a friend’s apartment and had a holiday party potluck. Pasta, music, a dark scavenger hunt with a reckless energy.

Then I went home and wrote all over my photographs with these words so important to me. These words fit my friends. I can hear their voices speaking the sentences aloud. I asked to take their pictures not because of how they looked, but because I could feel them everyday expressing the same ideas that I wrote on these photos. My friends are empowered and speak what is most important for people to hear.
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What I do I do for myself. I do not need your approval because you are not me.
All bodies are beautiful.
I never cry, so am I a man?

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Thank you Helga and Sage.